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throughout her two-decade long musical adventure,  which saw her delving into multiple genres, instruments and styles, berlin-based sonic artist kimi recor has always used her work as a way to explore her connection to the  worlds - her inner world, the natural world, the worlds of other people, etc...

after spening most of her career playing in bands and collaborating with artists such as john tejada, recor changed direction in 2020,  after attending a soundbath featuring gongs and crystal bowls.  mesmerized by the incredible harmonics and diverse frequencies and their effect on her mood and well-being, she began to experiment with these instruments- studying under different teachers to learn everything she could about frequency and how it effects our systems.

2023 sees recor moving away from the traditional song-format of her past work.

her new project winfrid combines organic instruments such as the planetary paiste gongs and crystal glass bowls, with analog synths, atmospheric field recordings and lush vocals to create a heavy, dreamy, experimental post-pop soundtrack.

she is currently working on her first full-length.

she also hosts monthly live soundbath experiences at har studio in berlin .

image by liz bretz

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