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Kimi Recor is a Berlin-based sonic artist who has spent over two decades exploring multiple genres, instruments, and styles. Throughout her career, Recor has utilized her work as a means of delving into her connections with various worlds, including her inner self, the natural world, and the worlds of others.

In 2020, Recor shifted her focus towards experimenting with gongs and crystal bowls after experiencing a soundbath. Fascinated by the impact of different frequencies on human well-being, Recor studied under various teachers to deepen her knowledge of frequency and its effects on the body's systems.

Recor's latest project, Winfrid, is a departure from her previous work's traditional song format. The project blends organic instruments such as the planetary paiste gongs and crystal glass bowls with analog synths, atmospheric field recordings, and lush vocals to create a dreamy, experimental post-pop soundtrack.

Currently, Recor is working on her first full-length album and hosts monthly live soundbath experiences at Har Studio in Berlin.

Recor's work represents an interdisciplinary approach to music-making, emphasizing the importance of exploring and engaging with the sonic and vibrational aspects of the world.

image by liz bretz

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